What ever happened to just talking?

Call me old fashioned, but as I sit here in room 015 to write my first blog post EVER, I can’t help but wonder, “why am I even doing this?”  Now before any of you hardcore bloggers get offended, let me explain myself.  I wonder why I am doing this simply because I wonder how exactly society got to this always connected, 24/7, short attention span, emailing, Blackberrying, blogging, multitasking place.  Whatever happened to just talking face to face with someone?

In the world of public relations, which is what my blog will solely focus on, face to face communication has oh-so-rapidly been replaced with social media websites, less than five second attention spans, and a constant desire for more technology.  While I can’t say that face to face communication is completely obsolete in today’s world, I can say with assured confidence that it is quickly dissipating.  My concern is that we public relations professionals sometimes forget the most effective manner of communication, that being face to face interpersonal communication.  I fear that we are too quick to send an email or start an instant messaging session, when our colleague with whom we are trying to communicate is just down the hall.  Sure, it certainly seems easier to just send the email or send the text, but wouldn’t it make a stronger and longer lasting impression to talk face to face with him or her?  And as far as professional/client relationships, how often does it happen that we find ourselves not ever meeting the client in real life, just knowing their email address or their Twitter page?

While I may sound naive in speaking about the way public relations professionals work, I am well aware of the importance of technology and social media networking.  I just worry that I am about to embark upon a profession in a world where face to face communication is dying out, and I’m not quite sure if that is a world I would fit in.  How important is face to face communication?  And what is the correct balance between face to face communication and communication via technology?  Any feedback is welcome!


~ by emily074 on September 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “What ever happened to just talking?”

  1. I agree. It is pretty scary thinking about a world where socializing via the internet is more prevalent than talking to someone in person. From a public relations perspective, however, there are some advantages. For instance, people can receive instant and up-to-date information from your company and (though I have no proof of this) it seems as though people are more apt to listen to Company XYZ’s twitter feed than stop and talk to a representative from that company on the street corner. What do you think?

  2. Emily, I couldn’t agree with you more. I find myself torn between these two forms of communication. Part of me loves using technology to communicate with others, especially those I do not know well. While the other part of me feels it really takes away from getting to know people.

    I absolutely think that the ability to communicate through technology helps businesses operate more smoothly and quickly, but I also wonder where to draw the line, or how to find the balance.

    At my internship my supervisors and I often communicate through instant messaging, though her cubical is only two away from mine. At first I used it a lot, but lately I have been walking the 10 feet to ask a question just to have that face-to-face communication.

    To answer your question regarding the importance of face to face communication, I think it is very important. I believe it allows people to get to know one another better, both on a professional and personal level, ultimately leading to a more trusting and rewarding relationship. As far as how to find the balance between communicating face to face and using technology, I myself and still trying to figure out the answer to that.

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