Social Media: Here to stay, or fading away?

After watching this video, I couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless in my selfish wish that social media calms down a little bit in the coming of the new year. It’s not that I’m not a social media user, because I certainly will be the first to admit that my Facebook page is probably checked upwards of ten times a day. BUT, I can with some confidence say that I am not a social media abuser. Even forcing myself to write this blog was a bit of a mental struggle (although now, I have to admit that I am enjoying it quite a bit). I guess my main concern when it comes to social media is that it is rapidly replacing ALL forms of face-to-face interaction, and I am a huge fan of the face-to-face action.

In the public relations world, face-to-face communication obviously happens. However, I dare say that it is no longer the number one form of communication. Conference calls, virtual meetings, emails, etc are more frequent than any of us seem to realize, and actual person to person interaction is not nearly as prevalent, or even needed anymore. In my own limited public relations experience working with the nonprofit organization Canine Motivated Therapies, I have witnessed this lack of need for face-to-face communication.

Throughout the entire semester, my team communicated with the director of CMT through email and phone calls only, never actually meeting with her face to face until the day before our presentation in class. Ha! Can you believe it? And the day I met her, I felt like I already knew her so well, I felt almost awkward when speaking to her about how much I already knew about her. While I will admit that speaking with her so much previously before meeting her made it a little more comfortable, I think that is a bad thing. Public relations professionals, above all other people should have completely unshaken personal skills. At this rate, I fear that actual personal skills will be obsolete in the next few years. So I ask of you all… stray from the social media! Go hang out with real live walking talking people! It’s for the benefit of your own health, I swear!


~ by emily074 on December 9, 2009.

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