Technorati. It’s a website that I never thought I’d use, and that I now find myself using almost every day. With my recent blogress (blog progress), I have become a little more aware of the whole blogger world that exists out there, and have more importantly come to find that a lot of important information and research lies in the blogosphere. I never thought that I would actually become an avid blogger, and now that I am, I am happy to know how to use Technorati.

David Sifry, Founder of Technorati is a search engine for blogs founded by David Sifry. You can type in a word or phrase and then the search engine will return a search through millions of blogs to find what you were looking for. In the world of public relations where blogging and micro-blogging have become such an integral part of the industry, technorati is an excellent resource. On the note of blogging in general for the public relations industry, I am just starting to realize what an excellent source of networking the blogging world can be.

Just in my own preliminary public relations specified blog search, I have come across lots of professionals and students alike who I would love to get in contact with. I also think that organizations should learn to take advantage of technorati by using the correct keywords to gain attention to their blog. Through my work with a nonprofit organization recently, that was one of the problems we came across with in creating our blog: how do we make sure people know that our blog exists? Just through my own blogress, I have really started to learn how all these different media techniques can come together to create a seriously kickass public relations plan.


~ by emily074 on December 9, 2009.

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