Tiger’s Tale

I know, I know, this is probably the zillionth post about Tiger you have all seen in the past week. But I don’t care, and on that note, I’ve decided to take a different approach to judging this poor, rich, lost soul. I’m going to defend him and be the first to take his side…


I am of COURSE just kidding. Sadly for Tiger, and sadly for my own creativity’s sake, I can find almost no redeeming characteristics in Tiger anymore. I can’t help but recall a very similar scandal back in the beginning of the year with Michael Phelps getting caught smoking weed. I remember watching every single possible update on whether or not he’d talk openly about his mistake, and now I only hope that Tiger will do the same, and hopefully be able to move on with his career. Here is a video I found of Phelps openly discussing his mistake and how he plans on handling it in the future.

I know that Tiger Woods has already issued a statement apologizing for his past transgressions against his family… but what’s with the hold up? Why did he release the statement so long after the incident? Is he going to lose his endorsements? More importantly, will he loose his overall reputation as THE golden boy of athletics? What does it take for a celebrity to bounce back after a scandal such as this, and how can a creative (not to mention extremely well paid) public relations team help to redeem their client’s reputation?

I think the most important thing here is for Tiger to take full and complete responsibility for everything he has done. Now with new reports circulating about the loads of different women he has reportedly been with, and how Tiger might possibly be a “sex maniac”, it is really time for him to come clean, and then hope that American can learn to forgive and forget. As far as his Swedish supermodel wife, well… Tiger should consider himself lucky if she ever decides to forgive and forget.


~ by emily074 on December 9, 2009.

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